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Happy Season Finale Day, although they really need to make the seasons longer. Anyways I’m a long time TWD fan and i really wanted some male twd shirts so i spent yesterday making them. They’re my first attempt so probs not perfect but i tried okay. Miranda tested them in game for me and all was well so i hope you guys like :3

3 Daryl Dixon tanks- mesh is Muscle Shirt

4 TWD/Daryl Dixon T-shirts which is base game compatible, I do have aikea guinea’s slimfit tee though.


Daryl Dixon Muscle Shirts

TWD Tshirts


Enchanted Melody ~ Sweater and Lace Skirt

Download @ my blog

Failure of sims…

I hate that every time I come back my game still collapses and dies eventually, which makes no sense. It’s like I vomit on all my files and they go wooo CRASH

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Guys! Happy Easter! 

I was working on these for a long time, and well…. they’re finally done!

I have four eggs, along with a MYSTERY egg… (which I hid inside another eggy)

Of course follow my terms of use. But enjoy :)

Pink Egg - A hippie band for your simmys. Use with awt’s hat sliders.

Blue Egg - A lovely flower crown… but only works with supernatural… sorry. It has some issues, but I included a “read me” file with it. So read that first. 

Green Egg - Leafy shoes for your plant sims. I love these shoes…. they’re so cute! Original by ILikeMusic640

Purple Egg - Flowered Crown dehatified… simple.

Mystery Egg - ?


Blue Egg - DOWNLOAD Requires SPN

Green Egg - DOWNLOAD

Purple Egg - DOWNLOAD

Once again.. follow my terms. ENJOY

Pleasies Reblogies my eggies (◡‿◡✿)

Suggestions for a music room? My family is very musical and cliche but I want instruments that aren’t the boring default guitar!

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Didn’t have time to do a pose and add my mods but this is my new girl.


She’s an art major, obviously…

Will eventually get back into things! Between classes no time for anything fun.

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Fyrestone Valley.


I have all ep’s and sp’s, this is an actual installable world, not the CAW files, all rabbit holes are there, and it is ready to play, there are also plenty of empty lots to build on, I used some residential lots from Lilly’s simantics, along with her awesome fire station.

I am back, as you can tell.

Sort of.

I took a break and now soon enough once I have my cc up, I have to begin all over.

I deleted everything but I hope soon Ill be back and running, even though no sliders will work…OH well you know how it is! losing everyone sucks but I was in a weird place.

bear with me and feel free to chat :)

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meganminxy: wcif the boat? /post/28647779661/inspired-by-my-tag

Hey, sorry I do not know but I believe it was a spanish speaking site, if that helps. It’s the stroller right? I probably found it on one of the main hubs by looking for stroller. heh

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Bright Heart ~ Long Ombre Top

Download @ my blog